"How to Maintain an Air Conditioner" - AKA the guide so I know what part is called what, so I don't sound like an idiot when I call the AC company. =P

Evapolar first personal air conditioner, cools, humidifies and cleans the air creating your local perfect microclimate.Evapolar's eco-friendly and energy-efficient climate technology, creates your personal microclimate exactly when and where you need it.

Here's How To Make A DIY Air Conditioner That Will Actually Keep You Cool

Kleen-Screen™ Air Conditioner Coil Filter -- improve energy efficiency; protect A/C unit from 95% of most debris that can clog your air conditioner condensor. Easy one-person installation. Dust to clean. About $30.00.

A Cover for Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Pool Filters. Make the unsightly things presentable

This Mini Personal Air Conditioner Cools Small Spaces | Designed as a portable solution for personal comfort, the Evapolar personal air conditioner is a compact "climate control system" that provides cool, moist air to the area of a room where it sits.

Your fan not cutting it? With this hack, the ice cools the air that is sucked into the fan, giving you a pleasant, cool breeze!

Beat the heat for under $60 with this DIY air conditioner.... it actually works!

http://www.2uidea.com/category/Air-Conditioner/ 10 Hacks to Survive Without an Air Conditioner

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Replacing the air conditioner’s filters once a month can help you boost the effectiveness of this system. http://www.brewercommercialservices.com/

freestanding air conditioning units - http://www.manufacturedhomepartsandaccessories.com/freestandingairconditioningunits.php

It's hot outside and that means it's time to take care of you air conditioner system. With these air conditioner maintenance tips, you're well on your way!

Wall Hung AC Units | Wall mounted air conditioner unit with remote control.

Jasper Air Conditioner | Air conditioner | Beitragsdetails | iF ONLINE EXHIBITION

Hide Your Outdoor Air-conditioning Unit | Simple Outdoor Curb Appeal Ideas by DIY Ready at http://diyready.com/diy-ideas-home-improvement-on-a-budget/

Off-grid solar-powered air conditioner. Yep, it's possible to power an A/C with photovoltaic panels.

Is It Time to Repair or Replace air conditioning system? Infographic