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An admiration of the beauty of the classic warbirds.

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PLA Navy Liaoning aircraft carrier launching a J15

F-35 máy bay thế hệ thứ 5 của Mỹ, hiện Mỹ đang nghiên cứu thế hệ thứ 6.

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The German fighter Messerschmitt Bf109 G-2 “Yellow 3” that made an emergency landing on the sea close to Nærøy on the 24th of March 1943 was recovered 2010 from a depth of 67 meter. The recovery was performed by teams from NLM, BLHF, Nærøy Aquaservice, Folla Diving Club and the crew aboard the ship “Camilla

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.A fighter aircraft is a forces aircraft designed primarily designed for air-to-air combat opposed to other aircraft,[1] having the status of conflicting to bombers and attack aircraft, whose key mission is to attack ground targets. The hallmarks of a fighter are its hurry, maneuverability, and insignificant size next of kin to other combat aircraft. allworldfihteraic...

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Grumman F-14 tomcat

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Parking fighters Bf.109G-March 11 Squadron 2nd Fighter Squadron of the Luftwaffe on aerodromk Bern

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