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US Air Force Insignia- Better start studying I s'pose. - Kr . You'll love it. Study hard and remember in basic training that its not like that when you get to tech school or your duty station. Its hard in basic but you can get through it just keep telling yourself you can do it. Have fun.


President Barack Obama visit to Greece - 15 Nov 2016 US President Barack Obama descends the steps of Air Force One at the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport 15 Nov 2016


DOOMSDAY PLANE OVER DENVER: The aircraft – usually launched at the outbreak of a nuclear attack - was spotted circling by thousands of US citizens on the ground. The unbranded plane travelled across several states and changed directions numerous times, prompting a Twitter frenzy of conspiracy theories. These were only intensified after a spokeswoman for the Naval Air Forces confirmed the plane was in fact their own E-6B Mercury, also known as the Doomsday…