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The 2000s (The Decade That Defined Gen Y): Part 2 - Disasters (Warning: Readers may find some content Disturbing)

Concorde test Flight, Concord Take off, Best UFO catcher trip ever! Round 1 Concord! | The Crane Couple, Fifth Harmony Tour Concord - Soundcheck, Q&A, Pranks, Yolanda, Fifth Harmony Soundcheck Q&A - Tour Concord, CA


2000 ♦ July 25 – Air France Flight 4590, a Concorde crashes during takeoff from Paris, France, after striking debris on the runway, killing all 100 passengers and 9 crew aboard as well as four on the ground; the entire Concorde fleet is grounded for one year.


Last picture of Air France Flight 4590, operated with the Concorde, on fire during take-off at Charles de Gaulle International Airport, taken by Toshihiko Sato in an aircraft on a nearby taxiway. 25/07/00