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The Airedale Terrier is good with children and loves to play. Due to its bravery, it also makes for an excellent watchdog. The Airedale Terrier is known to be stubborn and have an affinity for chasing smaller animals. Therefore, proper training is essential. Photo by Gareth Dawes.

A face you can't help but love! Airedales and Welsh Terriers are so cute !!

Airedales - WetCanvas | Reference Image Library

Airedale Terrier Puppy~~ Airedales are quite independent, intelligent and Stubborn, he’ll keep you laughing — and on your toes, as he’s a notorious digger He’ll bring the same exuberance and joy to playing games as he brings to excavating your garden and eating your drywall. He’s not great with other dogs or animals and needs plenty of stimulation (both physical and mental)

Looks just like my Airedale puppy from years ago... Phoebe Wallingford.

Hey! What a cute Airedale puppy!

Airedale babysitting Scottie pups. If this doesn't make you smile, nothing will!

So you have decided to get an Airedale Terrier? You are going to have your hands full. Having an Airedale around stands much of the conventional dog training advice on its head. After having had three of them, it is a promise. On the...

Get to Know the Airedale Terrier: King of Terriers

... a friend suffers with you ... Murphy Waits for Michael in Time Out ... found on a private blog ...

Must love Airedales, this puppy looks so sweet and innocent haha 🐾💜🐾

Dukcy - at 9 weeks. Photo by Deanna Smith

Airedale Terrier...Uncle Gene raised these and we had a couple of pups but they kept running out in front of cars before they could grow up...

My family had an Airedale when I was young & he was such a great family dog

Teething Remedies for Puppies: Around two weeks of age, a puppy begins to get his baby teeth; by the time he is 12 weeks old, he will have all of them. Not long after the last baby teeth are in, the puppy will begin to lose them and new, permanent teeth will take their place. As the new teeth come in, the puppy might experience redness, swelling and irritation. You can take steps to alleviate his pain and reduce the risk of your puppy chewing up valuable items while he's teething.

Lakeland terrier puppy - Jaz I want one of these SO bad! It's like a mini Airedale. Too cute!

Welsh Terrier Puppy: looks like Cooper

each of ours would have busted right through this screen door . . . no waiting, no asking, just focused on the prize

Love Airedales and their impish nature!

When someone asks me, "What's it like having an Airedale?" I respond, "Imagine Robin Williams with four legs and a tail. Only crazier."

Airedale puppies always have a bit of black on their faces until they grow up and it all turns walnut brown.