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    Myrtle wanted a dog in chapter two, she wanted a police dog, but the man selling the puppies gives her a different type of puppy. The man gives her a puppy and says it is more of an Airedale, so this is an Airedale.

    Higgins the Airedale Terrier | Puppies | Daily Puppy. I would love a terrier puppy...then I think of the additional mess and say, "never mind."

    Airedales are extremely intelligent and often have a mind of their own. When they have their mind set on doing something, it is almost impossible to convince them otherwise. Training an Airedale takes patience and total consistency. These dogs need creative thinkers who make learning fun in order to keep them engaged.

    nan hamilton dog art | Airedale Puppy Play Teapot

    Looks just like my Airedale puppy from years ago... Phoebe Wallingford.

    This is Rupert he is 18 weeks old Airedale puppy and his name is just as adorable as he is , he is just so cute💜🐾

    So you have decided to get an Airedale Terrier? You are going to have your hands full. Having an Airedale around stands much of the conventional dog training advice on its head. After having had three of them, it is a promise. On the...

    Airedale Puppy on the high seas. Beautiful day out.

    Airedale terriers.. Bred to tree bears.. And they do it well!

    Airedale Terrier Love it!! We had 3 Airedales consecutively, all female, all totally sweet, gentle, affectionate, adorable and gorgeous. Completely trustworthy. Friendly with cats. Miss them! xxx

    Oh my gawd, an Airedale! We "went through" two of these beautiful dogs when I was a kid. They are SUPER smart! The king of the terriers! Love them!

    Airedale Pup, Tallulah - 6 weeks old