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SABRE Reservation system (1960). An outgrowth of the SAGE miltary computer system for tracking aircraft, SABRE was the first commercial computer-based airline reservation system when it came online in 1962. A version of this system is still used to handle airline reservations today.


Phonetic Alphabet II

This may come in handy should SkyNet become self-aware, or the zombies come. Ya' know, to talk to all the HAM radio operators out there - and what's left of the military.


Integrating with Tourico hotel API would provide help in getting access to the best hotel chains, cruise liner and many more service providers across the world. Being the first travel company to launch full XML platform provides travel agents and OTAs the seamless access to multiple products spread across numerous destination in the world -

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1974 DELTA AIRLINES Reservations Sales Agent Barbara O'Hanlon TriStar L-1011 AD

1974 DELTA AIRLINES Reservations Sales Agent Barbara O'Hanlon TriStar L-1011 AD in Collectibles, Transportation, Aviation, Airlines, Delta | eBay

Travel CRS is a travel computer reservation system for flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing and packages. It's also known as central reservation system (CRS) which stores and distributes information of hotels to global clients and agents. At the backend it also supports the property management system and the hotel channel manager system - #travelcrs #travelextranet #travelintranet


IBM Eastern Airlines Reservations Terminal 1980s-My mom worked in reservations. When we flew, we had to wear dress clothes and we were served a real dinner!


#Airline #Reservation #System – Global Distribution System Web Services #APIs / #XMLs Time is advancing and so is the travel technology. People need faster and better services for their needs, which are near at hand and easily accessible. When it comes to airline reservation, there are so many first time or less frequency users, there are many price sensitive users. In case of more frequent users the booking process should be quick and transparent giving more and more options .

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Tips on How to Choose an Air Travel Search Site –

Which airline reservation offers the lowest airfares? If your idea was Expedia-or just any other bundles of online travel agencies, then you are wrong. If it was they are all the same, you are tota…