Airy disk

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hexagonal crystals create a halo around the moon. in optics it is called an airy disk and size due to diffraction of light. I was able to observe this about a week ago from my home town. beautiful

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Minimum Airy Disk diameter and corresponding maximum resolution depending on disk separation for a diffraction-limited lens and green-yellow light (0.000555 mm wavelength)

Airy disks not resolved

Diffraction Limited Photography: Pixel Size, Aperture and Airy Disks

Lens aperture and diffraction. Nikon D5100 due pixel size 4.8 µm above f11 starts to show difraction, while Nikon D4 with pixel 7.3 µm shows difraction above f16. Lens Diffraction and other popular tutorials, using camera equipment, photo techniques, etc. Airy disks resolved

Two Airy Disks.

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