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I just watched the first Ghost in the Shell movie and I thought it was amazing (I'm a little late to the party though) :P


Akira Kurosawa and the Art of Editing: "Akira Kurosawa possessed a masterful awareness of the filmmaking process, and those working close to him considered editing to be among his greatest talents… The following words on editing and Phil Baumhardt’s Profiles in Editing: Akira Kurosawa exemplify the filmmaker’s profound understanding of 'the invisible art' while the latter closely studies Kurosawa’s editing style and techniques in Seven Samurai."


If you’re looking for a scientifically accurate story, this one is definitely not for you. There are a lot of plot holes and loony leaps of logic, but if you just go with it, Scarlett is very easy to watch and the scenery is fun (Paris, Taipei). It isn’t deep but it is pretty entertaining. Read our review.


Exclusive: Your first look at the poster for the Alamo/Mondo Mystery Movie

Tyler Stout's full poster for 'Akira' is being made exclusively available to the lucky people attending the Mondo Mystery Movie tonight in Austin, TX,


"Kurosawa has the ability to bring things out of you that you never knew were there. It is enormously difficult work, but each picture with him is a revelation. When you see his films, you find them full realizations of ideas, of emotions, of a philosophy which surprises with its strength, even shocks with its power. You had not expected to be so moved, to find within your own self this depth of understanding." — Toshiro Mifune on Akira Kurosawa