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The map shows the Indian and Chinese claims of the border in the Aksai Chin region, the Macartney-MacDonald line, the Foreign Office Line, as well as the progress of Chinese forces as they occupied areas during the Sino-Indian War.

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Kongka La es un paso de loma baja en el Himalaya. Se encuentra en la zona fronteriza en disputa entre India y China en Ladakh. Las parte noreste posesión de los chinos es conocida como Aksai Chin y la Suroeste de la India se conoce como Ladakh. La zona es una de las áreas menos ... Leer más...

Located in the Himalayan Mountains on the border of China and India, people in this remote area claim to see UFOs coming out of deep ravines and crevices on a regular basis. These sightings are so frequent, when children in the area are asked to draw something from their everyday lives, many of them reportedly draw pictures of flying saucer-like objects.

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India 'will let China keep Aksai Chin' in return for Arunachal Pradesh

MAIL TODAY EXCLUSIVE: Foreign ministry documents on border negotiations accessed by Mail Today reveal that India has signalled its readiness to let its Aksai Chin region remain in Chinese hands in exchange for recognition of Arunachal Pradesh as part of its territory. In other words, India is willing to give up its claims to Aksai Chin if China does the same for Arunachal. China continues to push for territorial concessions in Arunachal Pradesh, which it has been eyeing for a long time, before moving forward on the long-standing border issue.