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What Is A Headline | Chicago Tribune headline after Capone's conviction on October 17, 1931 ...


Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone,1/17/1899 – 1/25/1947, was an American gangster who led a Prohibition-era crime syndicate. The Chicago Outfit, which subsequently also became known as the "Capones", was dedicated to smuggling and bootlegging liquor, and other illegal activities such as prostitution, in Chicago from the early 1920s to 1931.


Visit to learn about the rise and fall of Al Capone, who murdered his way to the top of the Chicago mafia before being sent to Alcatraz.


While prohibition was intended to decrease crime and violence it actually served to create the opposite. Gangsters like Al Capone took advantage of the basic economic principle of "supply and demand" and made hundreds of millions of dollars bootlegging alcohol in major cities along the east coast.


Born April 26, 1906, in Chicago, Illinois, to a shoemaker and his wife, Antonino Leonardo Accardo dropped out of grade school and quickly dedicated himself to a life of organized crime. Accardo came to infamy as a hitman for Al Capone who allegedly participated in the Valentine's Day Massacre. Never convicted of his crimes, Accardo denied any ties to the mob until his death in 1992.


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before arriving at Alcatraz, Capone had been a master at manipulating his environment at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta. Despite strict convictions from the courts, Capone was always able to persuade his keepers into procuring his every whim, and often dictated his own privileges. It was said that he had convinced many guards to work for him, and his cell boasted expensive furnishings which included personal bedding along with many other amenities.


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Lorraine Hansberry was born on May 19, 1930, in Chicago, Illinois. She wrote A Raisin in the Sun, a play about a struggling black family, which opened on Broadway to great success. Hansberry was the first black playwright and the youngest American to win a New York Critics’ Circle award. Throughout her life she was heavily involved in civil rights. She died at 34 of pancreatic cancer.