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Al Franken Snl

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like me. Al Franken, Stuart Smalley in Saturday Night Live, catchphrase


The poll shows Franken losing support among the critical block of Independent voters. 49% of Independent voters want to see Franken replaced compared to only 43% of Independent voters who want to see Franken re-elected. Friends, our fight to Defeat Al Franken is gaining momentum, and we need your support to help ensure that Al Franken is booted from office once and for all.


Senator questions Apple over iPhone tracking

Senator Al Franken: Anyone capable of going from Harvard, to SNL (think Stewart Smally), to the well of the Senate floor: has MY vote.


Minnesota Senator Al Franken asked IRS to Target 12 Tea Party Groups He thought might Oppose him in 2014 (link to article in comments) via twitter NOTE. He is a total joke.