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Senator Al Franken on the way Liberals love America versus the way Conservatives love America. Such a smart man. I went to a rally last week when he came to town with Elizabeth Warren.


We've been so grateful for everyone who has supported our campaign to elect Conservative Republican Julianne Ortman to the U.S. Senate - and thus defeat Al Franken once and for all. We are producing a new TV ad campaign that will help propel Julianne Ortman to victory but we are falling behind in our fundraising effort to pay for this important TV ad campaign.


We've told you about Al Franken's weak poll numbers - and with your help we are going to make them even lower, so we can vote him out of office as part of our campaign to remove the Democrat majority from the U.S. Senate. Here's how...


Republicans deserved an epic ass-kicking and Senator Al Franken gave it to them from the Senate floor.

Senator Al Franken discussing the public option and election reform with constituents. Why can't more politicians be like this? Actually having intelligent discussions with the voters. Why don't we see things like this on our television sets? Oh right, because we're too busy watching the crazy people who don't know how to have a constructive dialogue.