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Glass Engraving. How to Achieve a 3D Effect and Fine Detail To Fur and feathers by Eternal Tools. The glass engravings seen here are by Alan Sinclair. Alan achieves his detail using his own technique of hand held pin vice with diamond point burs and mini rubber silicone pin polishers and knife edge shaped all from Eternal Tools


How to Achieve a 3D effect to your glass engraving using silicone polishers. With the help of wildlife engraver, Alan Sinclair, Eternal Tools demonstrates how different tools can help you achieve 3D effects with mini rubber silicone pin polishers and knife edge silicone polishers along with diamond point burrs for fur and feather details on glass


How Do You Respond To Someone Who Is Depressed? Alan Sinclair is a youtuber and for this video he does a social experiment on depression seeing how people would react if they see someone who is depressed.