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10 Stunning Photos of Black Albinos from the #InMySkinIWin Campaign, Celebrating Albino Beauty

South African model Thando Hopa Black Albinos Celebrating Albino Beauty

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Albinos in Africa are brutally tortured, killed and snatched from their homes by tribesmen..Many are in secret hidding from those who believe they (Albinos) hold a mystical/magical power.

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'Oscarine#4, 2010' by Eric Nehr #Photography Part of a series of portraits of albino african and latinoamerican people, who are even mythologized or discriminated by their own cultures

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Diandra Forrest is an albino African-American professional fashion model. This green-eyed blonde with African features made a splash in the fashion world. Albinism affects people of all ethnic backgrounds; its frequency worldwide is estimated to be approximately one in 17,000. Because their skin is not protected by melanin, they have to avoid sunlight.

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15 Albino Women And Girls with Gorgeous Natural Hair [Gallery]

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