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I don't know that it's actually "good"... Or well-written, or deep, or anything like that. But it's not boring. And you will never, ever look at Yeats the same way again...


aleister crowley in 1912... Brilliant mind and living proof that if you stare too long into the abyss it also stares back at you.. and will eventually consume you completely


Follow your own will (Also came up under Lokean. Loki isn't exactly huge on sheep or blind faith. He is huge on letting us make mistakes and laughing at us. But that's why we love Him. <3)


This is the Unicursal LOVE AND PLEASURE ARE RITUAL Poster, another piece of helpful propaganda from the Ministry of Information at the Hermetic Library, a take on the original trilogy of British posters from WWII with a quote from Aleister Crowley’s The Law of Liberty: “Remember that all acts of love and pleasure are rituals, must be rituals.”


Thelema is a spiritual path that was developed by the early 20th century British writer and ceremonial magician, Aleister Crowley. By his account, a possibly non-corporeal or "praeterhuman" being that called itself Aiwass contacted him and dictated a text known as The Book of the Law or Liber AL vel Legis, which outlined the principles of Thelema.