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Scottish special edition of Monopoly allows players to snatch up historic landmarks - A NEW version of the game lets players buy hotels at Loch Ness and Balmoral Castle and includes famous names such as Alex Salmond, Andy Murray and JK Rowling.


Alex Salmond: Euro membership is a 'strong argument' for independence

Alex Salmond. And I have met him too. And babbled like an idiot. The man has amazing charisma, no matter what you think about his politics!

from The Huffington Post

Alex Salmond Calls For Arms Embargo On Israel Over Gaza Attacks

Alex Salmond will today back calls for the United Kingdom government to impose an arms embargo on Israel following its military actions in Gaza, ahead of...

Scotland's first minister promises to hold a referendum on Scottish independence. Could it really succeed?

from BBC News

Alex Salmond's resignation speech predicts change for Scotland

"The rocks will melt with the sun before I allow tuition fees to be imposed on Scottish students." - Alex Salmond

Would Alex Salmond have been first minister if he'd had children? Squirmy Popple