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Trump ‘couldn’t get elected the dog-catcher’ in Scotland

Watch the video! - "The former First Minister of Scotland thinks Donald Trump is crazy." "Donald Trump ‘couldn’t get elected the dog-catcher’ in Scotland following golf course fiasco" says Alex Salmond, the former political leader of Scotland


Alex Salmond to replace the Queen on new Scottish pound coin

Alex Salmond's head on new Scottish pound coin. The Scottish independence debate has been taken to a new level after plans were unveiled for Alex Salmond’s head to feature on Scottish pound coins. The plan, which would be introduced on April 1, 2015, would see the head of Scotland’s First Minister replace that of the Queen if the country votes for independence. #AprilFool


Donald Trump letters to Alex Salmond published

A series of colourfully-written letters sent by Donald Trump to then-Scottish first minister Alex Salmond is published in full for the first time.

Jeremy Corbyn invites Donald Trump to visit London mosque

‘He might learn something’, says Labour leader of presidential candidate renowned for calling for ban on Muslims entering US. Alex Salmond, the SNP foreign affairs spokesman in Westminster and former first minister, has suggested he would be in favour of excluding him from Scotland. “He wants to ban all Muslims from the United States. I want to ban all Donald Trumps from Scotland,” he said on Sunday.

On The Campaign Trail With Alex Salmond: “I'm The Bogeyman Of The British Establishment”

On The Campaign Trail With Alex Salmond: “I'm The Bogeyman Of The British Establishment” - BuzzFeed News


Revealed: 16 Obsessive Letters Donald Trump Wrote To 'Mad Alex' Salmond About Wind Turbines

Donald Trump's 16 Obsessive Letters To 'Mad Alex' Salmond About Wind Turbine 'Monsters' In Scotland | The Huffington Post

My Desperate Search To Find The Woman Who Alex Salmond Fed A Solero To In 1999

At some point in the past, Alex Salmond fed a Solero to a woman next to a lake on a sunny afternoon.

Alex Salmond Calls For Arms Embargo On Israel Over Gaza Attacks

Alex Salmond will today back calls for the United Kingdom government to impose an arms embargo on Israel following its military actions in Gaza, ahead of...