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I don't really know where to pin this.. But I love it!!! Vikings cast out of character & costume. What a good looking bunch!!! Travis Fimmel , Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen & Alexander Ludwig.


Jason is definitely smart. He was when he was a kid, and by now, he's twenty. Skilled with many weapons, he prefers his sword. Though he's smart, he's not the best with people, though that may just be because of being best friends with Jenny for so long. He's a kind, sensible guy who loves helping people, no matter how crazy the situation.


- You can't take him away from me! - Of course I can! You have no right to... - Tell me his name. Maeve, you can't be so heartless - I laugh. - You're the one, saying that? You aren't deserve to be called a father.


This just might be our teacher, Mr. Frederick, when he was a bit younger, but definitely no more fun-loving than he is now.