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Alexander the great accomplishments

▶ Alexander the Great and the Situation ... the Great? Crash Course World History #8 - YouTube

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Here is what you get: 1. A map activity about Alexander the Greats empire 2. Short one page read about wether Alexander the Great was a villain or a hero. 3. A graphic organizer for Alexandr the Great to determine if he was a Hero or Villain with questions. 4. A list of Alexander the greats accomplishments and interesting facts. 5. A political cartoon activity with questions. ...and more!

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In 332 B.C. Persian rule in Egypt came to an end with the arrival of Alexander the Great (pictured here). After his death a dynasty of Greek kings would take control of Egypt and would rule for the next three centuries.

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Alexander the Great, so very young to have been a leader of huge military campaigns and to have accomplished so very much~

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