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[ fc : barbara and alexis ren ] "heyyy, im lia. im a two from angeles. i have a twin bro named jackson. i work as a model. no im not stuck up, im actually really chill. im confident but not conceited. me and jackson live in the castle which is the best thing. i have the greatest best friend known to man and his name is kylie jenner or as y'all know him 'prince kyle. im the craziest person you will ever meet and im extremely loud." i giggle.

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fc: alexis ren ] "hi, i'm alaska. i am seventeen years old. i'm addicted to drinking. i dont often take or do any drugs. but sometimes, i just tend tie myself into relationships that lead to that person being my drug." i shrug my shoulders. "i'm bisexual. other than all of that, i am a model and i love reading. say hi."

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