Vladimir Putin's 'girlfriend has given birth' - Telegraph

One source present at the event said Alina Kabaeva wore a wedding ring, but tried to cover her hand to hide it in pictures

Alina Kabaeva commented on the show to one of the boys from time to time. 'And later during the break she photographed the boy with Yevgeny Plyuschenko (world champion figure skater) and Alexei Nemov (world champion gymnast)

<<Alina Kabaeva (Russia) # World Championships 1999, Osaka, Japan>>

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Alina Kabaeva - A really useful ability to be able to carry your ball when you've forgotten your backpack and got your hands full. If ever there was a reason to hold back time so I could carry on watching her perform at her peak. Curse you time (a lot of fist shaking going on now!)

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