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WEBSTA @ twilightfactss - ~So, last night I was going to sleep, but I kept waking up and I wasn't really fully awake. All I remember is my mom coming into my room to show me two Marilyn Monroe canvases and telling me something about my Grandma. I woke up thinking it was all a dream until I saw the two canvases across my room-Autumn{#twilightsaga#quileute#wolves#twifact524}

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Printable Wolf Craft Template

Crafts for Kids | FREE printable wolf template for art projects, flannel or bulletin board pattern, and much more!

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What Color Is Your Inner Fire?

Here the different colours of the wolves represent the contrasting characters of hamlet and Horatio. Hamlet is bawdy, a leader and quick to react, whereas Horatio is a follower, thinker and quiet. the wolves also show pack mentality, which relates to the way that Hamlet and Horatio always have a plan together and are mostly together.


Wolves, neither needs to win, in the end, a life well lived is an amazing one when these two are balanced


"All stories are about wolves. All worth repeating, that is. Anything else is sentimental drivel. …Think about it. There's escaping from the wolves, fighting the wolves, capturing the wolves, taming the wolves. Being thrown to the wolves, or throwing others to the wolves so the wolves will eat them instead of you. Running with the wolf pack. Turning into a wolf. Best of all, turning into the head wolf. No other decent stories exist." – Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin, 2000


Gia the Greyhound Is Crowned Best in Show at the 2016 National Dog Show

One long-legged hound took home the hardware at the National Dog Show today. Gia the Greyhound & handler, owner, & breeder, Rindi Gaudet took home the esteemed award after winning the preliminary Greyhound round, the hound group, & then the final strut around the ring for Best in Show, where Gia trotted among the likes of the tiny Pekingese, the energetic West Highland Terrier, & many others.