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Lol.... It's funny cuz it's true!! Be happy with all you have. Stop worrying about what others might or might not have, and trying to "one up" them, seriously, it's just silly!!. The world is all about posting some lifestyle, showing off, bragging. I say, may your life be as awesome as you make it seem on FakeBook... lol


I hope someday you'll find all my quotes, all my words, and read them all. I hope you'll know that they're all about you


Unless she has some earth in her chart, the temper can be quite unstable... but doesn't last long. Aries are the infant souls of the zodiac, its all about them. They lead, you follow their demands, and give them what they want. Don't argue. No one argues with a baby, so don't argue with Aries - it is pointless. Ironically Libra types have karma with this sign, who will often teach Aries about fairness.


Stage Three The third stage of detachment is all about you. You’ve been doing a lot of thinking and getting advice from your support group. You’ve started to feel stronger emotionally and you’re thinking about your needs and wants and what your life would be like sans Narcissist. You know you’re in stage three when: The mere sight of your Narcissist turns your stomach. You realize that the love and obsession you once felt are gone. When he even remotely steps out of line...


@Regrann from @r.h.sin - My question to you is why are you trying to save a relationship that they're not even concerned with losing? Why in the hell are you fighting for something that no longer deserves your energy? Stop chasing people who encourage you to walk away. Stop choosing people who refuse to choose you. For me @whiskeywordsandashovel is all about tackling the issue of letting go and moving closer to what you deserve. #poetry #quotes #writersofinstagram #writtenwords #writersofig…

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Top 3 Benefits of Registering with a Job Portal

I love Ghandi, but another quote re my conforming and changing....redirect, didn't ask for these quotes, nothing wrong ....kind of over the over emphasis on my change and excepting, plenty of others would do well to heed as well as practice this msg.~

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A friend is someone who knows all about you... Friendship Art Card


Exactly! If I say I'm "Fine" just leave me alone. I don't need you bugging me all the time, if I want to tell you, I'll tell you.