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Our favorite games from childhood can become fun basketball drills. Here we turn a few of them into fun basketball drills that your kids are going to love!


Hot Shots | PHYSEDGAMES Colored lilly pads are placed on the floor all throughout the gym as shooting spots. Each player has a basketball. When a player scores a basket from a shooting spot, he picks up the lilly pad and places it in his teams collection hoop. Game goes on either for a few minutes, or until one team has 15 points (up to the teacher).


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9 Moments From "Mockingjay" That Could Be Very Depressing On Film

Because of Reading... Hope is the only thing stronger than fear & a spark is fine, as long as it's contained. #Hunger Games


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Workout while watching basketball... Or not watching basketball. Maybe just in those moments when all you can muster is 20 jumping jacks.