Go all-out with a killer (but easy) Halloween look: 1. Give brows a fierce arch with dark eyebrow wax. 2. Apply dark navy shadow on eyelids, creases and under eyes for a deep-set, dramatic look. Line waterlines with black liner & apply mascara. 3. Apply concealer on lips. Keeping lips closed, draw vertical lines across both lips with black gel liner. Then smudge black costume makeup along the cheekbones and down toward the chin and paint the tip of the nose. Dying to try it? Shop the look.

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If I was a super bad ass chick like in Underworld or resident evil.. this would be my black outfit to kick ass in. feathers and all.

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"Marvel's The Avengers Inspired Costumes" by violet1998 on Polyvore
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Dress in all black, get some fuzzy ears, and paint your nails this way to make a quick and easy DIY werewolf costume.

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