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The all New 2014 BMW 428i Coupe has arrived! #Un4Gettable

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The E30 BMW 325e. This was the coolest car a 17 year old could have owned. It was fast, handled great and could easily kill you if you got a corner wrong. Fabulous. It taught me more about driving than any other car. It was a bit old and cranky at times but never had a major problem. For $2,700 11 years ago, you really couldn't do better. Sadly, nearly all the E30's are gone but it's successor, the E36, can still be found for a fair price. Just make sure you have good mechanic and a credit…

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BMW's i8 supercar coming 2016 I had an opportunity to drive a BMW street car on a race track and out all the cars I drove that day it handled like a race car....OUTSTANDING

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‘Xaver’ BMW K100 – Titan Motorcycles

‘Xaver’ BMW K100 – Titan Motorcycles. What's the biggest change you've ever undergone when buying a new bike? For many of us, it's simply the newer, bigger, better model of whatever it was we were already riding. The more daring of us might jump ship to another brand or, if they are getting old and all complain-y like me, something with a bit more comfort that's easier on the...

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drugera: BMW E9. Interesting model I've never heard of.

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