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Its all fun and games until someone is hit in the face and takes offense! cool dog stories at

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Fun Reception Idea: The Shoe Game

I've always really liked this. I think it's a nice way to keep guests entertained that breaks up the dancing a bit

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I actually lost to Hau once. He was all like "Aw man, good try though, that was fun!" or something and we just went on our merry way. I thought I'd have to try to beat him again. Guess not.

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We are still in the game-Katniss Everdeen

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bloodyarchimedes: “I just really believe that Gaster would help Frisk thru everything, like Alphys did. ”

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Ahh, so Eti is female after all. Not totally androgynous. Cool.

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Hunger Games Districts....I think I could do a cool design project with this info in publisher...

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Cute for sleepover game or b-day party :) Gummy worms hidden in a plate of cool whip and they had 30 seconds to get them all out without using their hands- messy but fun!

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