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Damn right we will.>>> Oh most definitely, all the sobbing will be done

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no this is why you should definitely do ALL THE EDITS

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Definitely want to do this to my classroom door! Maybe the back side so when it's closed during class students in the halls can see it.

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We are definitely doing this to our shed.

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Idk about seeing God from this,, but definitely GORGEOUS!! It's the best of both! Lol

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But I'm sure as duck not a liar so John I have all the answers so I know why cris said I fabracting stories excuse I know why cris said she was stopping jade talking to me so I know why cris said she was afraid of me when I never raised a finger to her I have alk the answers I'll give you one answer day I meet you I'm going to break every bone in your lying twisted body and that's a fact

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I think this was all of us at the beginning. Of course he's not ok. He's dan. He is the definition of not ok.

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He supports the Russian government over the US Intelligence agenvirs, all of them. That is the definition of traitor.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017 ... "Life is better in pyjamas" ... Saturdays & PJs!

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The houses as text posts

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