Printable After School Question Cards

Free Printable After School Question Cards! 25 great questions to ask kids after school to start meaningful conversations.

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Girls Valentine's Day School Box! All you need is: Clorox bottle, hot glue gun, pink spray paint(to pre-color the Clorox bottle) Pom-poms (a lot!), foam paper (for ears and nose), craft pipe wire (for the tail), craft bottle corks (for the legs), ribbon (for bow on tail) & wiggly eyes. It's

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All the girls sat there on the stairs and floor to watch at man scan them all to choose the one to take home with him. Slowly he looked around until his gaze turned on sapphire who seemed to always be late to everything

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Backstory: Academy girls. Veronica, Sandra (slightly lighter skin), Lizzy, Meridian, and Rosalie. Meridian and Lizzy both died in the time travelling accident that took Rosalie's leg. The Sectors refuse to talk about it...until more people start dying because of the machines. Including a girl who wants to reinvent the current method of time travelling...

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