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😂 *Back in the saddle😂❤💋 *Now hold on dear, come as soon as i can! *The world needs you! *Love knowledge roots story's and ancestors all of you! *Global (w)arming ❤💋 In the mean while F*cking *SHINE!😂 ❤


Thank you John Legend for music awesomeness and beautiful lyrics. All of Me John Legend This quote courtesy of @Pinstamatic (

from All of me loves all of you.

All of me loves all of you

I can't even fathom a life without you in it. It's impossible for me to imagine it, literally impossible. You are all my tomorrows


J Iron Word on Instagram: “Truth spoken by @riderek the only people that get all of me are those that will be with me. follow him @riderek @riderek @riderek”


After all of this is over, all that will matter is how we treated each other. - Even if it doesn't last forever, as long as I was good to you and you were good to me, it was worth it. If if that wasn't the case, I'd still do it all over again.

Thank you for leaving- it allowed your pretty girl to become her own beautiful woman. Thank you for never having been mine - it taught me to belong to myself first and always, before belonging to anyone else; thank you for teaching me to never give myself completely - I will never allow anyone to take away all of me when they go, like you did. Thank you