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Snail Race Game-on left was list of snail players(that changed as children came and left-numbered for turns after a few disagreements about whose turn it was :-)-under and above is 1 tally sheet that a child designed for what color snail won how many games-andeach child wanted a copy so we made copies for all the players


Funny things, expectations: people get all affronted by stories of doping in athletics, or cycling, or football, tennis, bog-snorkelling, but when it comes to racing, no one bats an eyelid. Like everyone expects the horsey-game to be populated by bandy-legged little con-men just aching to plunge syringes into vulnerable veins. There’s almost disappointment if the roguish-slash-criminal caricature doesn’t apply.

$20.62-$22.50 Captain Kurklops - Take your pup to a new dimension with Captain Kurklops, the 8 legged Cyclops alien! Fly him through your backyard galaxy and watch your dog race to pluck him out of the air. Get all your dogs involved in a squeaky game of Tug, or simply lay him down for comfort to keep all the monsters away. Your Pooch is sure to be pleased with this fun and adventurous toy! For ...

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10 fun party games you can play with water balloons


Winter Fun ~ Snow Shovel Race Minute to Win it Games Ready for one of our favorite winter Minute to Win it Games?  For this simple indoor game, you can shovel snow with out going outside.  Like all Minute to Win … Continue reading →


All my Elementary PE friends need to watch this!!! Great hula hoop and noodle games. Got so many ideas in the first 5 minutes!!!! @trishdivita @msmelspeaking @kacifin


fun game for all grades!! love it! can use cones instead of polydots to cover- since I don't have enough colors for middle school each group may only be collecting maybe 5 beanbags but that should still work.