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hahaha, that was the cutest thing ever!! If only we had Min Joon's powers! Sigh, My Love From Another Star

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Seeing other people go and meet them warms up my heart because they got to meet their role models. Even if i never will... it still makes me happy

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lol all I can think of when I hear "Hallelujah" is Fiona smushing down the cake topper

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Pete the Cat: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by James Dean Sing along with Pete the Cat in his groovy adaptation of the classic children's bedtime song

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"Thank you for everything Carrie Fisher, you’ll always be Princess Leia and much more for all of us, for everything you advocated, thank you"

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All star style pink, purple, lime green, orange base holographic cheer bow fabric choose green red blue gold black purple pink etc color

All star style base holographic cheer bow with matching fabric choose color by SweetAngelDreamBows on Etsy

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Love to all the humans. I'm at home hangin with @calum5sos and writing all the songs for next year xx

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I am so fucking proud of him. All the love to Louis

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23 Times Tumblr Stayed Funny While Also Being Really Weird

I love these "continue the song lyric chain but someone adds on their funny story and someone still continues the chain" Tumblr posts

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One of my all time favorite songs. I love her sultry and intoxicating voice. Gotta love Mazzy Star.

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Taylor Swift Lyric Edit by Claire Jaques

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Dodie Clark- Sick of losing soulmates (my edit, please don't repost or remove this caption)

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(What's with the last line of that little blurb at the end??) But honestly, this is why I look up translations to all Kpop songs now. Even though I can't understand the words, I know the sentiment, and I know what the song is about, and it makes me feel a certain way whenever I hear it. I love BTS.

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