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شويه باقيلي واطيح هيج حسبة جم جدم وشويه صفنه الدنيه صارت مرت ابوي.. واني مثلت اليتيم.. من كثر ماحيلي بارد اي جواب لأي سؤال كمت اكول (الله كريم ) .. هيام

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So so true it's just a shame some people do not realise or acknowledge this and feel that they alone are enough when that is so far from the truth.. More

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In prayer, we talk to Allah When we read Quran, Allah talks to us.

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Always present, omnipotent. What a relief this belief can bring. It is truly a blessing to believe and have undying faith. More

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How beautiful is it that Allah will eagerly forgive you for the things you can't even forgive yourself for.

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