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Allegiant Air Check In

Thank You, Internet


Because of Reading... #Divergent!! I've done it 3,000 feet in the air:)


Cheap flights! There's one from Spokane to Honolulu maybe around $200 to $300 dollars. Nice!

from BuzzFeed

30 Pieces Of Jewelry Inspired By The "Divergent" Trilogy

This necklace is so amazing! I love it so much! :D They combined the covers of the Divergent book series into a merge marble necklace. It's so beautiful.


Allegiant Air - really cheap airline tickets. Spirit Air — really cheap airline tickets. Be sure to check in online, pay for any baggage online, and print your boarding pass online!


Allegiant Air - Terms & Conditions - Please note: All Allegiant tickets purchased for travel starting October 30, 2013 cannot be changed or cancelled within 7 days of your trip unless you have purchased TripFlex™.

How great to be able to know when you really need to be at the airport to pick them up! FlightAware makes it easy and keeps you from waiting around...nice!


Allegiant Air: Charge for checked baggage- Between $20-$50 Charge for carry-on baggage- Between $14-$45 Overweight baggage- Over 40 and under 70 pounds - $50, between 71 and 100 pounds - $75 Oversized personal items/oversized and excess carry-on baggage- up to $75 Priority access- $4-$12 Cancellations- You will receive a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of initial booking, unless you booked within one week of your flights departure. The charge is $75. More....

8. Allegiant Air Carry-on fee: $10 and up 1st Checked baggage fee: $18 and up 2nd Checked baggage fee: $18 and up Extra baggage fee: $18 and up each In addition to charging fees for all baggage, except a small personal item like a purse, Allegiant charges fees for an impressive array of a la carte services. You might pay anywhere from $0 to $80 to choose your seat ahead of time, $4 to $12 to board the plane before other passengers, $100 to... More...

Check out Fandango's trailer my personal opinion is that this trailer 100 times better than the one aired on television, you also get characters opinions as the trailer goes on!