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Allen's Test- YOU'VE got to check out this website. I wanted to upload a great website, but it has very few pix, but at the very bottom there are usually links to pictures. It has tons of diseases, anatomy, PEDs, OB, lab & diagnostic tests, and more. It's easy to understand and the info is divided into 'books' mostly by body system. There is also an alphabetical list.


You never want a NEGATIVE ALLEN TEST. this is what you dont want! Always make sure its a POSITIVE ALLEN TEST before proceeding. If negative on one arm, try the other one.

Fun EOG snack. Great job @marileeallen!!


Allen Test: "Hold patient's hand with palm up. Have patient clench and unclench hand while occluding radial and ulnar arteries. The hand will become pale. Lower the hand and have patient relax the hand. While continuing to hold radial artery, release pressure on ulnar artery. Brisk return of color (5 to 7 seconds) demonstrates adequate ulnar blood flow. If pallor persists for more than 15 seconds, ulnar flow is inadequate and radial artery cannulation should not be attempted." - Jarvis

FREEBIES!!!! September-October Spelling Test Templates!!!! FREEBIE!!!! These are AWESOME to use! They are a BIG HIT with my students. They can color the picture while they are waiting for the next word to be called out. Thought I would share the LOVE! :o)


Spelling Test FREEBIE~ March Edition! :o) 9 Themed Spelling Test Templates~ Enjoy! :o)


Looking to take an ACT practice test? Here are 9 tips that will help you rock it like a pro. #ACT #HigherScores


1001 Questions to Test Your French by Elizabeth Allen,


or when someone insults Dean (Supernatural).............even though I don't watch supernatural. I actually do this dont test me


Allen cognitive levels by Chantelle Reynolds