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Seasonal allergies are much more than a nuisance. They are one of the mildest forms of autoimmune disease and a gentle warning by the body that more autoimmunity problems are on the way if the gut imbalance that is causing them is not dealt with effectively. Hippocrates noted that “all disease begins in the gut.” This includes seasonal allergies like hay fever.


Beginning a few years ago Penny developed allergies to something in our yard. We tried antibiotics, creams, and sprays from the vet. Each time costing a small fortune. We tried over the counter allergy meds and thought she might turn pink from the amount we had to give her to get her some relief from the scratching.

from The Humbled Homemaker

Natural Relief for Seasonal Allergies

I suffered with seasonal allergies for years--and I hate taking allergy meds! These natural ideas for relief for seasonal allergies are so helpful!


My daughter's teacher is trying to instill in these kindergarteners to make smart decisions. I love how she's learning every decision can lead to something positive or negative. So I want to ask my friends the same thing. Are you making smart decisions? Every time we eat or drink we are making a decision. Those decisions will impact our bodies positively or negatively. That's science. That's fact. As a mom I can say I'm making the smartest decision by giving my kids these concentrated…

Heart Palpitations and Obesity Linked to Allergy Meds: Try Essential Oils Instead: ways to use oils to relieve allergy symptoms. But no suggestions for vertigo due to allergies :/