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Alley Cat Allies

Macomb County, Michigan ANIMAL WELFARE ADVOCATES-YOUR VOICES ARE URGENTLY NEEDED! Please urge your officials to support Trap-Neuter-Return—and to reject any programs that would result in feral cats being killed! PLZ Sign & Share!


Tune into today's Community Cats Podcast with Brianna Lovell, Outreach and Events Manager at Alley Cat Allies. National Feral Cat Day was simply a way to celebrate Alley Cat Allies’ 10th anniversary, but in the years following that, it’s become a catalyst for groups to undertake a variety of projects that educate the community or help cats directly. Brianna also discusses the many resources on Alley Cat Allies website, and the “grueling task” of choosing photos for their annual calendar.


Alley Cat Allies on

Alley Cat Allies: Bring TRAP - NEUTER - RETURN (TNR) to your neighborhood and improve the lives of community cats! Read how here


Winter Weather Tips to help feral cats Stray and feral cats are at home outside, but they can always use some extra help in cold or severe weather. Follow these tips to help them stay even safer, warmer, and healthier during severe storms and winter months.