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A commission schedule for kids instead of handing them money for an allowance - great idea.

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Should Kids Be Paid for Chores? » Nature Moms


Extra chores for kids. Use along with Dave Ramsey's kids books. Some chores are required (without pay) to "rent" their space in a home that is not owned by them. Others earn extra $$$ for purchases


Money for doing homework?? I don't think so...but I do like the part where they lose points for not being nice and respectful, and ways to choose to earn extra...ownership is on them!The Gilded Pear: Chore Charts & Allowance-FREE printable chore charts

This Work For Hire Chores Board gives your kids the opportunity to earn money for their piggy banks!

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Custom Chore Chart System: For Two

Chore Pins/Magnets- Kids choose the job and how much it's worth. At the end of the week, total amount is how much allowance they receive.


Allowance Contract I know allowances are controversial, but I'm a VERY big fan with my own son (daughter's still too young) -- it really works for him. And the contract was a big part of it. He is so proud of himself when he buys the whole family ice cream. I like that this contract addresses how allowance money will be spent.

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Allowance Chore Charts For Kids With Sample

Parenting tips how to make a chore chart. Allowance tips for kids. Kids and money. Kids and chores. Household chores. Stay organized.

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Make Your Own Checklist PLUS lots of other printable activities for kids

Use these age appropriate chore lists to create a chore chart for your kids. I like to pick 1 or 2 new chores each year to add my kids’ responsibilities. There are lots of good ideas here!