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Song of the Day: April 19 2014 Reason Why This Is The Song Of The Day: I think I've become obsessed with this song. I'm constantly singing/humming it throughout my day. Every time I get the chance to turn on my laptop, that's the only song playing while I work. So....I thought that this would be a great song of the day today!


From A Fine Frenzy's Almost Lover. Love this song but it never fails to get me depressed...can't stop crying kind of depressed


Discovery Slow Down is celebrating the Winter Olympics with these spins, jumps and axels in slow motion. Now that you have seen how it's done, start practici...


CHARIOT | The Lingam Represents the Hindu god Shiva in almost every instance of the image | The Depiction of the Yoni commonly Signifies the Goddess in many forms of the Devi, and also Shakti, Shiva's Lover