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5 Training Techniques to Improve your Overhead Squat

If you can’t execute a rock-solid air squat, then there’s no point in trying to progress to an overhead squat. Make sure you have a solid squat foundation first


Several years ago I stumbled across a bit of fishing lore in a second-century bc work by the Greek writer Aelian. “Between Boroca and Thessalonica runs a river called the Astracus, and i…


Creamed Spinach Gratin with Chive Drop Biscuits

Creamed spinach gets a twist with the addition of shredded fontina and parmesan cheese, and then is topped with homemade chive drop biscuits. It’s the perfect addition to Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a classic steak dinner! There are a lot of foods in life most people either love or hate. Oysters. Grits. Orange juice with pulp. [...]


Všechny bolesti v našem těle souvisí s určitým problémem. Bolest se může projevit na jakémkoliv místě našeho těla a je důležité vědět, co signalizuje.