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Alternatives to spelling tests

Why I Don't Give a Friday Spelling Test {and What I Do Instead}


72 Creative Ways for Students to Show What They Know


Why I Don't Give a Friday Spelling Test {and What I Do Instead}


Here's a great idea for an alternative to sight word flash cards. Pick up some paint sample strips from your local hardware store and write sight words, spelling words or even topic words. You could use them for testing, writing stations, genre writing and more. Perhaps you could record word families, rhyming words, or other spelling pattern.


4 Useful Strategies To Improve Phoneme Manipulation

Do you know how to teach children the skill of phoneme manipulation? Being able to delete or add sounds in words is an important skill to develop as it helps students test alternatives for reading and spelling. Many students who have problems with hearing sounds in words will struggle to be able to do this at first. Here are 4 useful strategies you can use to teach your students how to manipulate sounds in words.


FREE Thanksgiving Spelling Words Pack! It’s a one week spelling activity pack of 5 pages which includes: Thanksgiving spelling words, copy work 3 times each, sentences, abc order, pre-test and final test fill in the blanks. Great for 1st grade-4th. Use this pack as a fun alternative to your spelling curriculum, or with your Thanksgiving unit study.