Always and Forever Wedding Cake Toppers - natural wood or acrylic cake toppers - rustic wedding cake toppers - Monogram love cake toppers by Customorderhouse on Etsy

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Tina, you always had my heart from the first time we met. Every day since high school, I thought of you and imagined how our lives would be. I have always been in love with you. I tried to fill a void with other people but no one could ever compare to you. I am finally happy now that you are my wife. I love you more than any words could every express. I will spend every day showing you how much I love you. -Mardy

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Hopefully one day someone will want to be my forever and always. #cantforcesomethingthatdoesnotexist

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I promise you this Ina. Do you promise me???~~~Of course I promise! Always and forever! <3

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