take the sensitive quiz over at www.thedesigningfairy.com #empath #sensitive Buy the book: Help! I'm Sensitive. Help I am Sensitive course starts November 28th. Click on quiz to get there.

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INDIGO CHILD - INDIGO ADULT - PERSONALITY TRAITS - Discover More About Your Indigo or Starseed Child at www.DeniseDivineD.com - Indigo Spiritual Adviser & Psychic Medium

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I am an Empath. Some days it sucks. Some days it's amazing. Other intimidating. But always interesting!

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ORACLEKAILO.COM - Private Psychic Assistant for Introverted Alpha Females & Power Couples who are ready to unlock their Authentic Power and leverage their life choices to fulfill and enhance their Signature Soul Legacy™ in career, love, & lifestyle. | ALPHA FEMALE Quotes

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There is a wide array of Indigo Children Abilities that one can posses. Though much information exists the only true understanding you can have is your relationship to your own inner awareness of your Indigo Children Abilities. Its commonly said that The Indigo Children and Indigo Adults are psychic in nature. You may ask yourself Am I psychic? Am I an Indigo or a crystal child? Go deep and ask within...

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Archangel Raziel connects in this powerful new guided meditation. All of the magic of the universe is available to you, within when you open to experience the Divine love, light and magic!

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Wondering if you've been contacted with a sign from Spirit? Have a deceased loved one you'd like to connect with? These are the 10 most common ways they visit us ~ chances are, you've already experienced at least one!

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9 ways to protect yourself from psychic attacks

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