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Amanita Phalloides

Death cap mushrooms (Amanita phalloides) ~ By Igor Kramar


Death cap mushroom (Amanita phalloides)


Amanita phalloides, commonly known as the death cap, is a deadly poisonous basidiomycete fungus. These toxic mushrooms resemble several edible species (most notably caesar's mushroom and the straw mushroom) commonly consumed by humans, increasing the risk of accidental poisoning. It is one of the most poisonous of all known toadstools.


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Mushroom Deadly Agaric Poisonous Amanita Phalloides 1897 Print

paperink id: prints300 1897 Mushroom Deadly Agaric Poisonous Amanita Phalloides Botanical Print from the Yearbook U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Print measures appr

Muchomůrka zelená - Amanita phalloides (Vaill. ex Fr.) Link 1833