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Amaryllis Mixed Collection

Amaryllis Mixed Collection Our Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) mixed collection contains five top-quality amaryllis bulbs that will produce large flowers in lovely shades and patterns. The huge, beautiful flowers are a joy to behold and the colours will remain a surprise until the buds open. Great in the vase or in flower arrangements. The amaryllis flowers a few weeks after being potted.


Amaryllis centerpieces adorned with elegant magnolia and winter evergreens. Floral design: Winston Flowers. Photo credit: Johnson Photography.

✾The stunning amaryllis is a smooth-textured foliage that grows in early summer then dies back. In August or September the flower stalks come up without foliage, producing 2 to 12 fragrant, funnel-shaped, pale pink or sometimes purple or white blooms on a solid 24 to 36 inch (60-90 cm) stem. These flowers last a long time in the garden, as well as cut flowers✾


Do you love green-flowered plants?Birds & Blooms blogger Jill is growing 'Evergreen' Hippeastrum and has a list of some other green favorites over on the blog. Drop by and add your own suggestions!