Amber Heard is in my opinion the most beautiful woman in the world!! I would die to look like her!!

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Lorelei smiled at Jeremiah, getting annoyed. "Ariel, go grab me a soda, would you?" She smiled pleasantly. "Sure!" Ariel agreed & walked away. Lorelei looked Jeremiah in the eye. "You know, you're the only who's been able to get her out of my sight. You just keep being cute kid, you never know what might happen." She smirked at him. Jeremiah felt the threat in his gut & swallowed.

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Hey I'm Tara I'm 20 and I'm looking for people to work with I'm not really into this slave stuff but I guess it's just apart of business *rolls eyes*

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Borboletas na Carteira » Arquivos » 20 maquiagens de Amber Heard para copiar já

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Amber Heard- atheist, lesbian, Rand lover, and GORGEOUS #VelvetSeduction @VSToysAndTreats Toys and Treats for Women Who Love Women

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Zoë Saldana and Amber Heard piled their hair up, allowing loose flyaway pieces to spill out of their unstructured updos.

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