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Johnny Depp feared Amber Herad was 'cheating with Cara Delevingne'

Johnny Depp's marriage to Amber Heard fell apart after he was 'driven insane' with fear that his bisexual wife was cheating on him with Cara Delevingne, it has been reported (Heard pictured with Delevingne in 2014)


Italy- ‘The danish girl ’ Premierel- 72nd Venice... #herad: Italy- ‘The danish girl ’ Premierel- 72nd Venice Film Festival Amber… #herad

Amber Herad, She was known for dating Johnny Depp, but most people didn't know she dated a woman before that.

オンもオフも大活用! スリップドレス最旬スタイリング

アンバー・ハード   ナイトアウトにベストマッチなロング丈のブラックドレス。アンバーらしいレッドリップ&アップヘアで彩りつつ、マニッシュなレースアップシューズでハズすバランスが◎。イエローのミニバッグを差し色として投入。

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