Does losing your place change you, or do you change when you lose your place? Either way, it sucks to not be the favorite anymore...

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The Wendigo is a cannibalistic beast from Native American folklore and legend. The word “Wendigo” (pronounced wehn-dee-go) comes from the Native American Algonquian language, meaning “evil spirit that devours mankind.”

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The Best Chocolate Ice Cream - It seriously is the richest, most chocolaty and velvety ice cream; you won't be able to stop at one scoop (trust me, I know!)

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Conversation Essential Sign Language - whoever things that "sorry" is a conversation essential has some bigger problems! Haha

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Sign Language Flip Charts: Conversation Essential Sign Language. See our amazing American Sign Language Fonts at

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Time signs: Day, week, weekend, month, year, today, tomorrow, yesterday, last year and next year.

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