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So what is Romney hiding? Could it be that he has more money taxed at a lower rate than any one has so far estimated? Did he take advantage of the IRS special tax amnesty program in 2009, which allowed him to evade criminal charges? How much has he stashed in the Cayman Islands? Or Bermuda? What other secret investments does Romney not want the American people to know about?

AMERICAN DAD Season 8 (ep 9 : The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy Jabari) ~ Free TV Streaming Episodes Online

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AMERICAN DAD Season 8 (ep 05 : Why Can’t We Be Friends?) ~ Free TV Streaming Episodes Online

American Dad Season 8 Episode 8×16 – The Boring Identity – Promotional Photos

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South Park was one of the most popular cartoons back in the day, although of an adult nature - it seems to be replaced with the likes of Family Guy and American Dad but players can still enjoy the slot version: