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Hmm let me think about that for a moment.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Enlightenment Influence on American Democracy Graphic Organizer

Students will use the Enlightenment overview reading to complete the graphic organizer. Answer Key includedKey Words:American Revolution, Philosophers, John Locke, Montesquieu, Jean Rousseau, Cesare Beccaria, Voltaire, ideas

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Heroes of the Enlightenment video guide BBC

Heroes of the Enlightenment video guide w/Key BBC series Best ever!THE FIRST SEMESTER OF WORLD HISTORY THE WHOLE YEAR OF WORLD HISTORY This is a fantastic 2 day video series that covers everything from the Scientific Revolution to the American Revolution with Thomas Jefferson, French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.


The white man want us dependent upon them...This is why they bombed Black Wall Street, THEY WERE INDEPENDENT PEOPLE...OUR PEOPLE HAD IT ALL.DO YOUR RESEARCH