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American government

This infograpic highlights the 3 main branches of the U.S. Government for kids in a simple, easy-to-read format.

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Check out this downloadable infographic about "How a Bill Becomes a Law," which explains this complicated process in an easy-to-understand diagram for kids.

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Parts of a Plant and Plant Life Cycle

Here's a nice anchor chart on branches state of government. (This is example is for South Carolina, but this model will work for most states.)

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How Does Government Work?

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American Government Interactive Notebook

American Government Interactive Notebook...If you are teaching a unit on American Government, this is the perfect product for you! This resource comes with 12 templates, individual template directions, pictures of templates in an interactive notebook, and possible answers and information for each template. Students love using interactive notebooks! $

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With the build up to the Presidential Elections happening later this year, this infographic template uncovers what it takes to hold the position of the most powerful leader in the world. This template is best used to visualize a process or step-by-step guide for any topic. | Create your #infographic at

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